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We Do Not Need Your ‘Support’!

“One of the most difficult experiences which we, Ukrainian left-wing militants, had in 2014 was the reaction of the Western left to events in our country. For many of them the ideological schema was pretty unambiguous. Presumably it was a matter of a coup d’etat, backed by the West, in the course of which a radical right-wing government or even a “fascist junta” came to power…”


This statement is available here:

We Do Not Need Your ‘Support’! A Statement by Ukrainian Left-Wing Militants About the Activities of German Rote Hilfe (Red Aid), Nihilist, December 16, 2014


Also available in German: Wir brauchen diese »Unterstützung« nicht! Erklärung ukrainischer Linker über das Verhalten der Roten Hilfe, »Nihilist« 16.12.2014

Polish: Nie potrzebujemy waszego „poparcia”: Oświadczenie ukraińskich działaczy lewicowych o działalności „Rote Hilfe”, Nihilist,16 grudnia 2014 r.

and Ukrainian: Нам не потрібна ваша «підтримка», Заява українських лівих щодо діяльності «Роте Хільфе», «Нигилист» 16.12.2014