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A Ukrainian Marxist and soldier – in French

A Ukrainian army armoured personal carrier in MariupolA translation into French of the interview with a Ukrainian Marxist militant, published on the Ukrainian anarchist web site, nihilist.li. He is fighting in the Donbas as a volunteer soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He explains that he is doing the same as the Bolsheviks did when they defended the Kerensky government against the Kornilov Putsch. In a war between White Guards and the Ukrainian People’s Republic led by Symon Petliura, he says, referring to another historical parallel, the choice between them is evident for him as a Marxist, in favour of the latter. He argues that you cannot stop the Russian imperialist aggression without fighting it with arms in hand. He explains also, among others, what he thinks about the nature of the Maidan mass uprising, the historical reasons of anti-communist sentiments among Ukrainian soldiers, the dangers from the far right, the weakness of the Ukrainian left and the attitude of the Western and Russian left toward the events in Ukraine. Finally, he comments on what should be done.


Un soldat ukrainien, Pour moi, en tant que marxiste, le choix entre les gardes blancs et les pétliouristes est évident


See this interview also in Russian and Polish and a resume in English. A translation into English will be available soon.

Vsevolod Holubnychy: The Future of the Soviet Union (1951)

Vsevolod Holubnychy

Vsevolod Holubnychy, Edusa.org

This article could have been the most impressive and serious contribution to Marxist debates about the perspectives of capitalist restoration in the Soviet Union after the Second World War, but rested almost totally ignored. It was written in 1951, exactly forty years before the fall of the URSS, by Vsevolod Holubnychy. A young wartime immigrant from the Soviet Ukraine, Holubnychy became in the West, at first, a radical left-wing militant inside the Ukrainian diaspora, and, later, a scholar. His viewpoint on the future of the USSR was based on a first-hand and theoretically informed knowledge of Soviet social realities, popular moods and ideological developments of the anti-Soviet nationalist underground in Ukraine. Today the article poses some crucial questions that are still worth discussion in the light of the long-term effects of bureaucratic rule upon the evolution of the Soviet society and the development of restorationist tendencies.

Vsevolod Holubnychy, The Future of the Soviet Union (1951)

For the Independence of Soviet Ukraine (1989)



This article, written in 1989, tells the unknown and dramatic story of the conflict-ridden relationships between Russian and Ukrainian communists during the civil war. The Bolsheviks were faced with an unexpected national revolution of the oppressed Ukrainian people. The great dilemma was what Ukraine should be: a part of the Soviet but “one and indivisible” Russia, as in the imperial past, or an independent Soviet state.

English and Greek versions. Again thanks to Paranagnostis.

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, For the Independence of Soviet Ukraine (1989)

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, Για την Ανεξαρτησία της Σοβιετικής Ουκρανίας

Impérialisme russe

On ne peut comprendre l’actuelle crise ukrainienne si l’on ne comprend pas que la Russie est encore et toujours une puissance impérialiste.

Russian Imperialism, in French. We cannot understand the present crisis in Ukraine if we do not understand that Russia is still and always an imperialist power.

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, Impérialisme russe

Also in English and Polish

V. Shakhrai: Preface to Lenin’s writings on the right of nations to self-determination

Ukraine 1918

Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

Preface in Ukrainian to Lenin’s writings on the right of nations to self-determination, by Vasyl Shakhrai, Bolshevik militant and founder of the Ukrainian pro-independence communism. It was published in 1919 in Saratov. The same year Shahkrai was killed by Great Russian White Guard imperialists. This preface is one of the most important works on the nationality question ever written by a Marxist fighter for the independence of an oppressed nationality. In spite of the fact that the major work on this issue co-authored by Shakhrai was published in 1970 in English by The University of Michigan Press, 99,99 percent of Marxists who write and debate on the nationality question and the right of nations to self-determination do not know his thought. Read the book by Serhii Mazlakh and Vasyl Shakhrai, On the Current Situation in the Ukraine!

Василь Шахрай, Передмова до статей Леніна з національного питання (1919)

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