Ukraine: The oligarchic rebellion in the Donbas

Donetsk People's RepublicOriginally published in Polish in Le Monde diplomatique – Edycja polska, in December 2014.

The “Donbas contra” – such a term is particularly appropriate to the oligarchic rebellion in the Donbas because it strongly reminds us of the armed counter-revolutionary movement sponsored by the United States in Nicaragua after the overthrow of the Somoza regime.

The barons of the Party of Regions and the industrial magnates already began to mobilize this “contra” during Maidan. A propaganda campaign on the deadly danger coming from the “Nazis, fascists and Banderaites” of the Maidan was unleashed, supported by the television channels of the Russian regime, hegemonic in this region.

The Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), quite influential there, did not hesitate to copy the Nazi discourse on the Jewish ghettos, speaking of the Maidan – “white on the outside, black on the inside” – by comparing it to the black ghettos of the United States, described as being inhabited by idle parasites.

Let us quote this vile propaganda: “At least in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco the police sometimes make raids on such places and simply kill a few rabid Negroes.” There is nothing surprising in this explosion of racism – the CPU is a colonial party.

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Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, Ukraine: The oligarchic rebellion in the Donbas

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