Rebelia oligarchiczna w Donbasie

The Oligarchic Rebellion in the Donbas – in Polish

Published in the December 2014 issue of the Polish monthly, Le Monde diplomatique – Edycja polska

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Separatysta – Gennadiy Dubovoy, CC BY 3.0

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The region of Donbas is the stronghold of monopoly bourgeoisie, called oligarchy. The Donbas big capitals are the most concentrated, powerful and predatory, best organized and united ones in Ukraine.  Between the forties and the eighties of the 20th century  the Donbas was the Ukrainian region most affected by the long-term, intensive and planned policy of Russification waged in the Soviet Union by the Russian bureaucratic imperialism. The political goal of this policy was to form an image of the region as the Russophone stronghold in Ukraine.

With the establishment of the Yanukovych regime, the Donbas monopoly capital took over the central political power in Ukraine. The fall of this regime, overthrown by the masses in the Kiev Maidan, was at the same time the fall of the the central political power of the Donbas monopoly capital. The separatist armed rebellion in the Donbas was a panic reaction of regional oligarchy against the loss of central political power and an attempt to save the oligarchic power at least in the region, with the support of Russian imperialism.

The author believes that, for class reasons, no program of national defense advanced by the Ukrainian bourgeois government and based on an illusory support from Western imperialist powers will succeed. To achieve the national independence and unity, Ukraine needs a completely different program that “would count more on a mass movement, on an action of the whole people, than on a regular army”. (This is a quotation from a book published in 1863 by Maurycy Mochnacki, a revolutionary militant for the independence of Poland.)

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski, Rebelia oligarchiczna w Donbasie

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