A Ukrainian Marxist and soldier – in French

A Ukrainian army armoured personal carrier in MariupolA translation into French of the interview with a Ukrainian Marxist militant, published on the Ukrainian anarchist web site, nihilist.li. He is fighting in the Donbas as a volunteer soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He explains that he is doing the same as the Bolsheviks did when they defended the Kerensky government against the Kornilov Putsch. In a war between White Guards and the Ukrainian People’s Republic led by Symon Petliura, he says, referring to another historical parallel, the choice between them is evident for him as a Marxist, in favour of the latter. He argues that you cannot stop the Russian imperialist aggression without fighting it with arms in hand. He explains also, among others, what he thinks about the nature of the Maidan mass uprising, the historical reasons of anti-communist sentiments among Ukrainian soldiers, the dangers from the far right, the weakness of the Ukrainian left and the attitude of the Western and Russian left toward the events in Ukraine. Finally, he comments on what should be done.


Un soldat ukrainien, Pour moi, en tant que marxiste, le choix entre les gardes blancs et les pétliouristes est évident


See this interview also in Russian and Polish and a resume in English. A translation into English will be available soon.

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