V. Shakhrai: Preface to Lenin’s writings on the right of nations to self-determination

Ukraine 1918

Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

Preface in Ukrainian to Lenin’s writings on the right of nations to self-determination, by Vasyl Shakhrai, Bolshevik militant and founder of the Ukrainian pro-independence communism. It was published in 1919 in Saratov. The same year Shahkrai was killed by Great Russian White Guard imperialists. This preface is one of the most important works on the nationality question ever written by a Marxist fighter for the independence of an oppressed nationality. In spite of the fact that the major work on this issue co-authored by Shakhrai was published in 1970 in English by The University of Michigan Press, 99,99 percent of Marxists who write and debate on the nationality question and the right of nations to self-determination do not know his thought. Read the book by Serhii Mazlakh and Vasyl Shakhrai, On the Current Situation in the Ukraine!

Василь Шахрай, Передмова до статей Леніна з національного питання (1919)

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